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Программа демонстрационного полета F-15E

Нарыл в сети подробное описание всех маневров, которые выполняет летчик на F-15E при показательных полетах. Даже есть текст комментатора и трек-лист с музыкой, которая звучит во время выступления.

На английском правда, но думаю любопытствующим разобраться будет несложно.


Demonstration Maneuver Profile:

H=feet AGL, V=KCAS (приборная скорость с учетом калибровочных поправок, на малых высотах совпадает с истинной воздушной скоростью, без ветра совпадает с путевой)=knots.
{высота - в футах, скорость - в узлах)

1. Maximum Performance Takeoff to Inverted, Hin=0, Vin=0 to 190, G=2, Hout=5 500, Vout=250.
2. Flat Pass (Vertical Reposition), Hin=5 500, Vin=250, G=4-5, Hout=300, Vout=M0.94.
3. High G Turn, Hin=500, Vin=450, Gin=7.5, Hout=350, Vout=250, Gout=2-4.
4. Triple Aileron Roll, Hin=500, Vin=425, G=2-4, Hout=500, Vout=425.
5. Four Point Roll, Hin=500, Vin=425, G=1-3, Hout=500, Vout=425.
6. Cuban 8, Hin=500, Vin=400, G=3-5, Hout=4 500, Vout=175.
7. Low Angle Strafe Pass, Hin=2 000, Vin=350, G=5, Hout=400, Vout=400.
8. LAHD Bomb Pass, Hin=500, Vin=400, G=5, Hout=400, Vout=400.
9. SAM Weave, Hin=500, Vin=400, G=6, Hout=500, Vout=350.
10. Dedication Pass, Hin=300, Vin=M0.85, G=3-6, Hout=300, Vout=M0.850.
11. Knife Edge Pass, Hin=500, Vin=400, G=1-3, Hout=500, Vout=500.
12. Maximum Performance Climb with Rolls, Hin=300, Vin=500, G=6, Hout=15 500, Vout=200.
13. Spiral Descent, Hin=15 000, Vin=175, Gin=2, Hout=5 000, Vout=450, Gout=7.
14. Tactical Pitch-Up to Landing, Hin=500, Vin=350, G=4-6, Hout=pattern, Vout=200.

F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Music 2011

Max Takeoff - Skillet - Monster
High Speed Pass - Foo Fighters - All My Life
Minimum Radius Turn - Shine Down - Devour
Triple Aileron Roll - Darude - Sandstorm
Four Point Roll - Tom Petty - You Wreck Me
Cuban Eight - Tom Petty - You Wreck Me
Simulated Strafe - POD - Boom
Simulated Bombing - Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal
Dedication Pass - Aaron Tippin - Stars & Stripes
Knife Edge Pass - Aaron Tippin - Stars & Stripes
Vertical Rolls - Sick Puppies - Maybe
Final Pass Prior To Pitch Up - Sick Puppies - Maybe
Tactical Pitch Up - Celine Dion - God Bless America
Landing - Celine Dion - God Bless America

(прим. моя - в субботу трек-лист отличался. Ибо звучали "Sad By True" Металлики и "Voodo Child" Хендрикса)

Demonstration Narration.

The F-15E narrator will use the following script during the F-15E high show demonstration.

Good (morning/afternoon), ladies and gentlemen and welcome once again to Moscow International Aviation and Space salon.
We are the F-15E Strike Eagle Demonstration Team, based at Air Combat Command’s 4th Fighter Wing, located at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina. It is my pleasure to describe for you a capability demonstration by one of America's premier air and ground superiority fighters, the Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle… an aircraft whose combat role is to put bombs on target on time. It's a mission our Strike Eagles and their crews have accomplished with precision and expertise in multiple conflicts.
The pilot for our demonstration is MAJOR MICHAEL "CASH" MAEDER from Great Falls, Montana.
Major Michael Maeder is a veteran fighter pilot with more than 3000 hours in jet aircraft and _____
combat missions over _________.
The Weapon Systems Officer, also known as a WSO, is CAPTAIN STEVEN M. "BUDA" BOFFERDING from Bloomington, Indiana. Captain Steven Bofferding is a veteran fighter WSO with more than 1900 hours in jet aircraft and _____ combat missions over _________.
Our safety observer is _________________
Launching and recovering are _________________ & _________________
Filming is _________________
And I am your narrator, _________________

As they run up the engines, the noise you'll hear will be the sound of two Pratt and Whitney engines that together provide more than 50-thousand pounds of thrust.
That is more than twice the horsepower of the entire starting line-up at the Indianapolis 500. The F-15E is designed and built as a multi-role fighter, for air and ground superiority, and it carries the newest and most advanced air-to-air and air-to-ground ordnance in the Air Force inventory to accomplish that mission. In addition to an internal 20mm cannon, it can also fire eight radar guided and heat-seeking air-to-air missiles. With 15 Air-to-Ground stations, the Strike Eagle can carry numerous bombs weighing anywhere from 500 to 5,000 pounds each, designed to impact precisely where needed. In Operation Iraqi Freedom alone, Strike Eagles have flown 4,250 combat sorties and were responsible for expending over 3 million pounds of munitions on 1,100 different target sets.

Max Performance T/O and Climb

And now, it is time to begin today's demonstration. Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding will start by showing you just how fast the F-15E can get off the ground and climb.
This capability gets our fighters into the air quickly to threaten or kill any adversary. They will lift off in less than two thousand feet, immediately pull up into a vertical climb, and then roll 180 degrees to position for the Split-S maneuver.

Split-S and High Speed Pass

Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding will go over the top inverted as they enter the Split-S. The F-15E’s superb acceleration and vertical maneuverability allow the aircraft to finish the maneuver just 300 feet above the ground, traveling at more than 650 miles per hour, less than half its top speed. During scramble operations this acceleration capability allows the Strike Eagle to takeoff and execute a supersonic intercept in less than one minute, or destroy time sensitive targets with precision weapons.

Flat Pass

When flying low in combat, speed is life. Now from the (left/right), Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding return to show center at 300 feet and almost the speed of sound. The thunderous noise of the F-15E alone is enough to send fear and trepidation through our enemies.

Four Point Roll

Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding are now repositioning for the next maneuver. As they approach show center from the left, they will demonstrate the Strike Eagle's crisp handling characteristics by performing the exacting Four-Point Roll.

High-G Turn

In air-to-air combat, if you can't turn tight, you can't fight. Now from the right, the Strike Eagle returns to show center to demonstrate the F-15E's exceptional turn capability. In this turn, the aircrew will be pressed deep into the seats by a force of nine times their normal weight. This capability keeps our F-15Es on the offensive in any air-to-air engagement. The Strike Eagle’s exceptional maneuverability also allows it to easily defeat enemy surface to air missiles, known as SAMs and anti-aircraft artillery, known as AAA.

Cuban Eight

Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding are now performing a Cuban Eight, demonstrating the F-15E's ability to rapidly transition from low energy to high-speed flight, as well as showing you the raw power and acceleration of the Strike Eagle.

Low Angle Strafe Pass

In air-to-ground combat, time sensitive targeting allows the F-15E to strike targets quickly in an ever-changing environment. It was American F-15Es that helped defeat the Iraqi Republican Guard and provided essential Close Air Support for Allied forces. With the built-in 20mm Gatling gun, the Strike Eagle is able to aid troops on the ground when in contact with the enemy. If you look to the (right, left), you will see that the forward air controller has marked the target with smoke. Now from the left Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding will demonstrate a (simulated) Low Angle Strafe Pass. During a strafe pass, the pilot will align the target under the crosshairs, pull the trigger and fire the gun at a rate of 6,000 rounds per minute and then recover the jet for follow-on attacks.

LAHD Bomb Pass

The F-15E’s central mission is putting bombs on target on time. From your right Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding will execute a (simulated) Low Altitude Bombing Pass. As the pilot climbs, the WSO will find the target and designate that point on the ground. Major Michael Maeder will then pull down toward the target and release the bomb. After release the pilot will execute a turning safe escape away from the ground. He will maneuver in a series of evasive turns to defeat any SAMs and AAA while Captain Steven Bofferding guides in the bomb for a direct hit.

Maximum Performance Climb with Spiral Descent

Back in 1975, the Eagle established a world time-to-climb record by soaring up beyond 12 miles in just two minutes and three seconds. That record was set more than 30 years ago and still stands today. That is American quality in aviation. Quality that is unmatched anywhere in the world. This next maneuver will show you just what a high-speed climb looks and sounds like. Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding will be inbound from the left at 300 feet, flying at less than one third of the F-15E's top speed. When they reach show center, they will begin a climb made possible by the two superb engines that power this amazing fighter. Keep your eyes on them as they spiral 3 miles straight up.
The Strike Eagle carries the newest and most advanced air-to-air and air-to-ground ordnance in the Air Force inventory to accomplish its mission. The F-15E’s cockpit gives the aircrew exceptional visibility in all areas. It is built around radar, which in the Air-to-Air mode, extends the eyes of the aircrew well beyond visual range to find and kill small, high-speed targets all the way down to tree-top level. In the Air-to-Ground mode, the radar can find and destroy ground targets beyond the reach of most enemy surface to air defenses.

Dedication Pass

Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding are now repositioning the aircraft from the left for a return to show center for the Dedication Pass. Major Michael Maeder, Captain Steven Bofferding and the rest of the F-15E Demo Team from the 4th Fighter Wing wish to dedicate this pass to all the war fighters of the United States Armed Forces and its Allies. A tribute to all those who came before us, who are fighting now, and those who will defend our freedom in the future. (PAUSE)
Now, from behind and to your left, the F-15E Strike Eagle Dedication Knife Edge Pass
As the F-15E returns to show center, the aircrew will pass by in the Knife Edge Pass demonstrating the Strike Eagle’s exceptional flight control system that makes such a maneuver possible. We would like to dedicate this final salute to Moscow International Aviation and Space salon.
Ladies and Gentlemen, from your right, the Knife Edge Pass.

Tactical Pitch-Up

Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding are now approaching the field for their final maneuver, a tactical pitch-up before landing. They will fly by at 500 feet, and then perform a rolling pitch up to (reverse direction / 2 - 90° turns) and prepare to land.

Downwind and Final Approach

Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding are now decelerating through 300 miles per hour and lowering the landing gear and flaps. They will hold approximately 185 miles per hour on final and touch down at 160.

Landing Roll

As they land, notice how Major Michael Maeder uses the F-15E's large wings to dramatically slow down on roll out. By holding the nose high and keeping the wings exposed to the air stream, the Strike Eagle can stop in less than four thousand feet. Add to this its ability to take off from short runways, and you have a fighter that can safely operate from thousands of airfields around the world.


Both the F-15E Strike Eagle and its cousin, the F-15 Eagle, have played vital roles in the defense of our nation over the last two decades. They represent the Air Force's dedication to global reach and global power, ensuring our ability to meet any challenge... any time... under any conditions... anywhere in the world. They helped us gain total supremacy of the skies and on the ground in and over Kosovo, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, defeating the enemy both in the air and on the ground. Our precise weapons and often just the thunderous presence of the F-15E Strike Eagle drives fear into our enemies and confidence for our Airmen and soldiers on the ground. Together we’re an unstoppable team and combat force.
And now, on behalf of the commander of Air Combat Command, General William M. Fraser III, we thank you for being with us today. We hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the F-15E Strike Eagle. Major Michael Maeder, Captain Steven Bofferding, our superb maintenance crew, safety team, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the F-15E, Air Combat Command, or about the United States Air Force. Thank you and good day.

NOTE: In the event the pilot aborts a maneuver for any reason, the narrator will point out to the crowd that the maneuver has been aborted and that the pilot is setting up for the next maneuver by flying a wings-level pass.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve experienced a minor problem with the aircraft. Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding are going to momentarily delay the demonstration as they attempt to resolve the situation. As anyone who is familiar with aviation knows, safety is paramount to the survival of our aircraft and the aircrew who fly them. As soon as we know, we’ll advise you as to whether Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding will be able to continue today’s demonstration.
Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding have resolved the problem with the aircraft and are now ready to continue the demonstration. (Continue show)
Due to the nature of the problem, we will not be able to continue today’s demonstration. Major Michael Maeder and Captain Steven Bofferding are completing final checklist items and preparing to land. (Go to Downwind portion of narration)
Ladies and Gentlemen, in pursuit of aviation we must share the sky with our feathered friends. Unfortunately, sometimes the sky is not big enough for all of us. The F-15E is a rugged and reliable aircraft designed to absorb damage from either enemy forces or friendly birds and still fly safely. However, in the interest of your safety, Major Michael Maeder andCaptain Steven Bofferding will be terminating their demonstration early because of a bird strike. (Go to Downwind portion of narration)

Technical remarks.

Aircraft configuration for all demonstrations will be clean with CFTs, no wing pylons on stations 2 and 8, no LANTIRN pods, no external fuel tanks, and no travel pods. Normal minimum fuel for takeoff is:: 14,000 pounds
Airspeed and G Limits. Demonstration pilots will not exceed 0.94 Mach. The maximum target G for this demonstration is 7.5 Gs. This does not preclude a momentary increase in G for safety considerations.

87-0179 (serial 1044/E019), block F-15E-43-MC,
87-0171 (serial 1036/E011), block F-15E-43-MC.
Delivered 1988.

Air Force ACC F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Team – 4 FW Seymour-Johnson AFB, North Carolina, frequencies:

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